Adventures at the End of the Year

Have you thought about what your One Word will be for 2014?

My word for 2013 was adventure. It turned out to be completely different than I thought it would be. God works like that sometimes. For my next word, I have chosen Loved. I’m not sure what it will mean to me through the year, but I am sure I will be surprised. For now, I’m holding onto the thought that I am already Loved and that love is not something I need to strive for.

I think it fits with the other words I’ve chosen in past years: Led, Finish, Adventure, Loved.


Adventures on a Snotty Sunday

Poor Connor had a runny nose today. He is good about blowing his nose, but that means he brings you a tissue every 15 seconds to help him. Poor thing. We watched movies and relaxed which is par for the course on a Sunday anyway. Also, washed our hands a lot because of all the snot. Ick.

Later, we watched the last episode of last seasons Downton Abbey in prep for next weeks new season. But, I just couldn’t watch the tragic end again. I’m looking forward to the new season but I’m still mad that Matthew died!

What new shows are you looking forward too?

Adventures in Lighting

My brother in law was kind enough to help me install a new light fixture. My sister got it for me for Christmas but the original was broken and I had to exchange it. Finally:

The best part of the process was the antics that Connor got into while the lights were out!

I heard a thunk from the kitchen. It sounded like he pulled something off the counter and I knew I had left some fruit out. So I asked him, “Connor, what was that? Was it the apples? Or the pears?”

“It waaaaas…… Cheese!”

I had left a huge block of cheese on the counter as well. A few minutes later, I heard, “Cheese is good!”, and looked down to see this:

20131230-203308.jpg Haha! Little teeth marks in a block of cheese as big as his head!

Adventures on A Christmas Sunday

Church this morning was great. I love this time of year when the kids are all home from college and the relatives are visiting and the church feels extra full.

After church, we all took naps. Isn’t that what Sundays are for? We got our Christmas dinner groceries and spent the evening singing carols around the piano, playing with Connor, watching football, and relaxing.