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When you play with a toddler, you don’t play like you would play, you play the way they want you to. Because they are the boss!

I visited my nephew Connor today. He was so excited to see me after having been away for the holidays. He took me to his room to show me all his toys. Truck! Ted bear! Mickey! Ball! Blocks! Scewdwivah! He has become so talkative! And the tools he got for Christmas were a big hit.

I sat on the floor with him and started thinking about all the other things I had to do and what I needed to talk to my sister about while I was there and I started to feel annoyed that Connor wanted me to play with him; but right away I realized that wasn’t true. Here’s my adventure! Playing with this cute boy who is growing up so quickly! If I don’t pay attention to him now I won’t have anything to look back on and recount about his childhood. That snapped me back to attention and I payed so close attention I even noticed that his mommy had given him a hair cut. Sort of. Haha

So to recount the adventure of playing with Connor: coloring must be done while laying on the floor and as close to the coloring book as you can be. Right on top is good as long as you can still see some of the page to color. Crayons should be used briefly and immediately swapped with another crayon. Preferably the one that someone else is holding. If anyone is in the room, they must be compelled to lay on the floor as well. This should last no more than 2 minutes before finding some sort of noise making toy.

Oh Connor. It’s a joy spending time with you.

I’m thankful The Lord brings children into our lives. They are refreshing. I enjoy their fascination with everyday things. How much more should the Lord be fascinating to me? I pray that I see the adventure in the Word! And that I learn to stop and pay attention to Him just as I did with Connor. How else will I really know Him and be able to tell anyone else about Him?