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Today would have been my Great Uncle Fred’s 104th birthday! He was also known as OHGM – One Honest Gun Man. But that only begins to describe him. Trapper, hunter, woods guide, father, uncle, gun dealer, pawn broker, photographer, tattooist, and more. His favorite adventures took place in the great woods in Northern Maine. In his honor, we are celebrating in our own ways, mostly with strawberry shortcake and tea. He never ate a meal without a cup of hot, black tea in a mug with a spoon.


It felt fitting that it was single digits cold today and the snot in my nose froze just during the walk from my front door to the car this morning. Fred would appreciate any story with snot and cold temperatures although mine is very tame compared to all of his stories.

I didn’t have much of Fred-type adventure today but it is inspiring to remember all of his many adventures. I can say I whipped up my own strawberry compote for the shortcake.

Delicious and nutritious! – Fred Goodwin, OHGM

Here’s to you, Uncle Fred! I know you’re having the adventure of your life now up in heaven.