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I came across this photo today. This is my first grade class and the kindergarten class (yay for small schools!). I realized that I still remember all but two names and am Facebook friends with at least half! I posted it on Facebook and immediately everyone started commenting. What a great memory from the past and connection with these people who I’ve known now for at least 28 years!

I find it interesting that we also commented on which lunch boxes we had. I’m almost 100% sure that I have a Rainbow Brite one in that picture. She was one of my favorites at that time! I loved all the colors. I still do, actually. Although this trendy home decorating look of all neutrals is beautiful, I need color in my life. Sometimes when I look at the walls in my bedroom (bright orange!), I almost feel like I’m soaking it into my soul.

So, what an adventure it’s been from first grade to now and still be connected to some of the same people.