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This is my Grammy. She was one of the sweetest, most encouraging, and loving people I’ve ever known. One of the things she was famous for was her letter writing. She wrote letters every day. Small notes of encouragement, or long epistles of wisdoms and prayer. Almost every birthday, Christmas, or Mothers Day we gave her stationery or stamps. At her memorial service, more than one story was told about the significance of her letter writing.

Then I read Layla’s post about handwritten notes and I remembered how much a simple note can mean to someone.


I’ve decided to join in! Here’s my basket of supplies. I think this is just the right size to keep by my chair so I can write notes when I’m relaxing at night with the tv or to carry to the table for more serious writings (or to tuck away from little hands when Connor is visiting).


Here’s what’s inside: stamps, notecards, a pen, return address labels, a small bag of embellishments, and my address book. I later added a pencil and an eraser for updating the address book.

To start off i wrote a note to a friend who is expecting her second child. It’s fitting, I think, to start with her as we spent a lot of high school writing notes to each other and sliding them into each others lockers. I still have a bunch of them that I kept from her. Folded up and decorated, covered in stories about the drama of our lives. Little treasures!

Would you like to join us in this adventure in handwriting?