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I have a reason to sing. I have a reason to worship. – Hillsong

These lyrics has been repeating in my head all day since we sang this song in church this morning. How true it is!


At Thanksgiving, my Dad helped me replace the floor in the entryway. We had done the same thing in the dining/living room earlier in the year but ran out of time for the entry. You can see the damage to the paint job that occurred when we had to remove the door casings and baseboards to get the new laminate floor in. I finally got to Home Depot this weekend to get a quart of matching paint.



I taped off the floor and got to work. I only painted the areas that needed a touch up. I wasn’t sure the paint matched at first but it seems to blend in once its fully dry. There are still some parts that look a little too pink but I’m waiting to see when it’s dry.

During this project I decided the door had to be painted. It was desperately in need of a fresh coat. I didn’t have any plain white paint so I did a quick coat of primer to just to cover all the staining and rust that were starting to build up on the edges.


It always feels nice to freshen up a room with a new coat of paint! Plus, it’s a good activity to do while watching football. New England won and now will face off with Baltimore. And that means my Facebook feed will be blowing up! Can I root for both teams?