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Connor and I had a Starbucks break after day care today. He is such a good boy. He had milk. I had a chai tea latte.

Getting ready to watch the season finale of Fringe! It’s been one of my favorite shows and this is the last one ever! In honor of Walter Bishop’s (and my) fondness for sweets we cooked up some jam-doughnut muffins (Nigella Lawson’s recipe). Unfortunately…. I left out the baking powder. I realized as I was putting them in the oven so I just baked them anyway while making a second batch. I was curious how the first ones would taste. They did not taste good. I thought it was like a jam tortilla. My sister called it play-dough, and she wasn’t far off! Ugh! Luckily, the second batch came out perfectly! Delicious!

A few hours later…. I have to say the finale did not disappoint. There were some really nice moments, some callbacks to previous stories, and a fairly satisfying ending. I’m disappointed that it’s over! Favorite line of the night:

Walter: You are my favorite thing, Peter, my very favorite thing.