I had a business meeting today at a building not far from this spot in Providence.
But today was not the first time I’ve been here. A few years ago, some friends and I went to the beach in Newport and then drove into Providence to meet some other friends for dinner. We had no idea where we were going. The (wrong) directions we had were to take the exit and turn left. We did not know it at the time, but while turning right would have brought us directly to the restaurant, turning left brought us into some sort of twilight zone known as Service Road 8. It seemed that no matter which way we turned, we ended up on Service Road 8. I don’t know how. I can’t explain it. We would turn left, then right and we would be on Service Road 8. So we turned right, followed the road around, and we were back on Service Road 8. We tried going straight; left, right, left; right, right, left; left, right, right – Service Road 8! Once in a while we’d end up on Service Road 7, but that inevitably led to Service Road 8. Were we crossing in and out of an alternate universe? Possibly. We tried calling our friends, but through the static, probably caused by the same sub-space distortion that warped the roads and the fabric of space in that spot, all we could hear was “At…. Avenue”. “At…. Avenue”. “At…. Avenue”. Eventually, we pulled over to ask a police officer if he know where “At…. Avenue” was and he kindly and amusedly pointed us to Atwells Avenue which was literally straight ahead. With a wish, a hope, and a prayer, we went straight…. and broke through the disturbance. We were free from the spacial loop!

I still get nervous driving around that spot, but it only happened that one time. Have you ever experienced your own Fringe event, twilight zone, holodeck malfunction?