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I have the start of a cold. I am not sick.

In fact, I feel so crappy good, I stopped at the store to get cold-fighting provisions a few things.

1. Eggs –because I don’t feel like cooking anything else for more delicious egg and avocado sandwiches.

2. Orange juice – for the vitamin C for the bright color in the dead of winter

3. Grapefruit juice – for even more vitamin c it’s delicious

4. Bread – for comfort toast for more egg sandwiches

5. Pretzels – instead of crackers why not?

6. Cold medicine – to calm the hacking cough to have on hand

I think I’ll just relax tonight and watch tv with six glasses of juice and a cup of tea, because I don’t have the energy to do anything else everyone needs a night off now and then.

Anyone else nursing this cold relaxing tonight?