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I scored tickets for my sister and me to go to a Jimmy Fund charity event. It was the type of event which invites local chefs/restaurants to offer samplings of one of their signature dishes.
These are the best kind of events! It’s so much fun getting to try different dishes. We decided to play our own version of Top Chef and pick a winner and a loser. There were so many choices that we didn’t even try them all.

Overall, the desserts were better than the entrees. But the one entree that we went back for more was Cheese Tortellini Alfredo.

This was so good we declared it the overall winner, with some tough competition from the desserts. The top desserts were mini cupcakes, maple bread pudding, and bananas foster.
Best way to have rum is to eat it! Delicious! But the mini cupcakes edged out the other desserts. I didn’t even get a picture of them!

There were two contenders for last place. A beef and rice dish that tasted a little like soap and a burnt potato pierogi. We voted to tell the burnt pierogi chef to pack the catering table and go! Just kidding!

It was a great evening. I’m glad I stayed in denial long enough to enjoy it!