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Nenay, please don’t take my picture. I’m very busy. I have to open the tiny doors on this box I stole from my mommy. I have to open them all. And then I have to close them. And then I have to open them. And close them.

Don’t use your phone to take a picture of us. Let me have the phone. I need to sneeze on it, rearrange your apps, take a video of the floor, text Meemaw, and hold it up to my eye and say cheese.

Look, I know you think I’m cute after tubby, especially when Daddy makes my hair stick up like this, but it is now binky time. I have been waiting all day for my binky. I even tried to play pretend night-night and trick my mommy into giving me the binky early but it didn’t work. Oh look another one! Two binkys!

Remember when I asked for a grape? Yelled for a GRAAAAAAAAAPE! I needed a GRRRRRAPE! And then when you gave me a grape, I said no no no no no no no no until you figured out I wanted the grape on a fork? That was fun.