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I watch, on average, about two football games per year. So, tonight, as we cheered for the Ravens, my commentary went something like this:

Wow, he ran all the way and no one caught him!

They didn’t make it over the yellow line.

How many tries do they get?

The Ravens uniforms are much more flattering than the those gold pants on the other team.

So, what did they just do?

You know, since they’ve suspended play, we could be watching Downton Abbey.

I did have a great time, mostly because of the company. And the fact that Connor had just a smidgen too much sugar and was hilariously hyper. He was laughing so hard, we all couldn’t help but laugh with him.

I couldn’t get a non-blurry picture but this basket entertained him for quite a while.

Best part of the night however, was when he played the piano and sang his own song:

Eeeee, Ooooooo, Meeeeee, Connor!