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The big news here in New England is the impending Nor’easter that will hit us tomorrow. It’s gonna be a big one, they say. So in the midst of prepping – getting groceries, cooking, packing – I will be heading to my sisters house to hunker down with the family – I decided to work on the small pile of mending.
1. My sisters pajamas. I figured if I’m going to crash at her house, I should at least fix these for her.
One quick overstay stitch up the inside seam and done!

2. Mandy’s jeans. She wanted to keep the hole in the knee from ripping any further. I suggested a patch and she thought that would work.
I didn’t want to cover the hole on the outside though, so I decided to hand stitch a patch to the inside and let the hole stay as is over the patch. I picked this great tiny polka dot. I tried to pin it to keep the stretch in the jeans, as well. I started stitching and now I have a project to work on during the snow!
It’s been a busy day, but now I can look forward to being snowed in all weekend.

(I also want to note, for posterity’s sake, I do not have pink eye, contrary to what I may have believed at 4:00 this morning. It’s been a weird couple of weeks, health-wise.)