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Pie. It’s what’s for dinner. And dessert. 20130210-221550.jpg
We experimented with a recipe for French Meat Pie. It was good. I don’t think it’ll be one of my favorites, but it did grow on me.

I have to share the following conversation from dinner.

Erin: What’s wrong with you?
Shane: I think I ate Connor’s booger.
Me and Erin: What? (Hysterical laughter) Why?
Shane: I thought it might be part of a pea! I didn’t know where to put it!
Me: So you put it in your mouth?

The best part was the crust which we made from scratch. And since the recipe made enough for two pies, we made dessert too!
We used frozen apples that we picked in the fall, frozen strawberries from last summer, and canned apricots. It came out so good. So good that we had this conversation:

Erin: This is the best pie we’ve ever made.
Me: If there was a 50-50 chance that it was this pie or Connor’s booger, would you eat it?
Erin: Yup!

The rest of the day was spent accommodating Connor’s request for rides.

Zoom! Zoom!