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I’m a little too distraught over Downton Abbey to think about what to write!

What adventures did I have today?

1. Hearing the testimony of a friend at church who has been going through a very long and difficult battle. It was like being healed myself to see him and hear him speak, ironically, because it was not a testimony of healing, but of endurance and God’s comfort through the trials. So uplifting!

2. Rescuing my frazzled sister who had been up since six trying to entertain a strong-willed toddler. We spent a while running out the energy in the basement with makeshift paths.

3. Hearing from a pregnant friend that she and the baby are okay after having fainted and been taken to the ER. It’s one of those conversations that starts out with “everyone’s okay” but then you find yourself feeling the terror anyway.

4. Cleaning out the cupboards and making an inventory of what I have so I can do some meal-planning. I meant to take a picture but forgot, so just imagine all my cans and what-not strewn about the counter while I try to write it down on a piece of paper balanced on top of a peanut butter jar.

5. Swearing off Downton Abbey forever. Don’t hold me to that, but I am tempted never to watch it again. It’s like a bad boyfriend that just stomps on your heart every time you go back. And then you feel like the guilty one because you know better. Ugh