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Happy Presidents Day! I had the day off today so I took advantage of the extra time. I continued my pantry organization project. I guess Jen at iheart organizing and I are on the same page.

I took everything out of the cupboards and made a list, throwing out a few expired items as I went.
Then I thought about how I could categorize everything. I had 11 shelves to work with and came up with 11 categories: baking supplies, fruit (canned and dried), cereal/grain, condiments, vegetables/beans, soups, rice/pasta, spreads/syrups, other, chips/crackers, and bread. I put everything back in its designated place, and added an inventory sheet to each door.
I already have this system going for my freezer. It’s so much easier to see what I have without having to dig around. I can’t reach the tops and the backs of the cupboards very easily, so it helps to see what is in there. I just cross off the item when it’s gone and add to the list when I unload the groceries. It’s easy to maintain – I don’t worry about keeping it too neat and when it gets too messy, I just re-write it. It’s simple enough for one person to keep up.

It makes me so happy to see it all organized!

In other adventures (it’s been a full day!), I visited the nephew and we had an indoor picnic and a fort!