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Here’s a quick summary of my evening. Hemming, floor cleaning (my swiffer vac still has a bow on it from Christmas – not because I don’t use it but because a gold bow makes vacuuming more fun. I love that thing!), tea, a good book, and cinnamon sugar toast.

Not pictured: laundry, dishes, cooking. On and on it goes. Is it really an adventure? It’ll have to be for today. No, wait, it is an awesome adventure to be a grown up with my own house, shelter and a job to pay for it, heat, entertainment, more clothes than I really need, more food than I really need, friends and family who love me, and a Savior who is my everything. How can I begrudge an evening of cleaning when I am among the luckiest in the world? Here’s to being thankful for having a house to keep and the ability to keep it.