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I had to go back to my first post and remind myself what adventure means – an exciting or remarkable experience.

I can’t say that today was exactly exciting. But there are some things I can remark on.

1. I downloaded a new alarm clock app yesterday and was nervous that it wouldn’t go off so I kept waking up early to check the time. By the time it went off, I was already holding my phone in my hand, ready to test the snooze feature. It said you could just shake the phone to snooze. It worked! By then, I was awake enough to not need the snooze.

2. I wore my new pants that I hemmed last night. They fit great!

3. I was at work for 11 hours today.

4. I made salsa chicken and rice and it was delicious.

5. I am excited about my parents visiting this weekend! We have more plans than time and it’s supposed to snow all weekend but we will have fun whatever we do. There will also probably be some of this.