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We had a great last day at Meemaw and Gimpy’s house. We spent the morning playing cars which involved me and Gimpy sitting in the floor sending cars back and forth while Connor ran in circles in the middle yelling “Connor’s car! Nenay’s car!” for about an hour.

We had to clean off a bit of snow from the car to go to church.

Then we sat at church (until he fell asleep).

Then we went out for lunch for Hamburrrgrrrs!

Later, we jumped into the car for the long drive home just as he looked about ready to fall asleep. And it didn’t take long. He was asleep by the time we got to the gas station.

He woke up about an hour away from home. We sang songs about Mickey Mouse, and monkeys jumping on the bed. He was excited to be going home to see Mommy and Daddy but also wanted to go back to Meemaw’s house. We were only about half an hour away when he started getting too frustrated with being in the car. He somehow managed to get one arm out of his car seat straps. I don’t know how but they must not have been quite tight enough. I pulled over at the next rest stop for a break.

We got a little bit to eat and stretched our legs for a few minutes.

Finally, we got to his house and he was so happy to be home and see Mommy and Daddy. I’m glad to be back to my house, too. Laundry going, facing another week of work. I’m thankful for work though because without it, I wouldn’t be able to do fun things like road trips with the nephew.