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After a snowy morning, I headed off to pick up the neph, shocked to see that just one town over had significantly less snow than we had at work. How could they have bare grass and we have six inches? I was watching the crew plow the parking lot all morning and just a ten minute drive away they got nothing? How does that happen?

Since I knew I’d have the neph all evening, I figured why not have a special treat and go out for ice cream!

We had a fun shopping trip at the grocery to get apples, too. He really was perfect all afternoon. In the car on the way home, we sang “Jesus Loves Me”. I said “Jesus loves me” and he said “I know!”. Then he just kept saying “I know!” while I sang, which is really quite perfect.

Jesus loves me. I know!
This I know. I know!
For the Bible, I know!
Tells me so. I know!
Little ones, I know!
To Him belong. I know!
They are weak, I know!
But He is strong. I know!

Yes, Jesus loves me. I know!
Yes, Jesus loves me. I know!
Yes, Jesus loves me. I know!
The Bible tells me so. I know!

On the second time around though, he repeated the words until we got to “He is strong”. I went on to “Yes, Jesus loves me”, but Connor went on to “Grrrr. Muscles!”.

A moment of non-perfectness, total kid, Nenay wasn’t watching:
One thousand pieces dumped on the floor. We did not have much fun picking them up.

A pretty perfect day. I love him so much and am so blessed by how he learns and imagines and creates.