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Another beautiful day! I can’t tell you how much the sun and fresh air have made me feel so good! I opened all the windows this morning before I left for church and when I got home this evening the house smelled so good and fresh! Yes, it was a bit chilly, but so worth it.

We couldn’t pass up a trip to the park. Of course, we weren’t the only ones ready to get out of the house. There were so many people there. The ground was muddy and wet and piles of snow here and there are still melting. But the mulch around the playgrounds weren’t too wet and the kids were full of energy. Connor is finally big enough to do some climbing and sliding on his own.



He had the funniest habit of sitting down yards from the top of the slide and scooting all the way. Some of the other kids kept just going around him. He didn’t care.


He did fall in a puddle and needed dry pants. But he loved it. Especially the swinging!


Ecclesiastes 11:7 (NLT) Light is sweet; how pleasant to see a new day dawning.