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I did my chores first tonight. See!
I even did dishes and folded laundry! Good for me!

Didn’t leave much time for my door project, but I did start measuring how much trim I’ll need to create the faux panels.
I think I’ve decided to go with a tinted white paint. I’ve used this paint in the upstairs bathroom and it is a nice crisp white, not too stark but no yellowy undertone.
I also taped up the casings.
I’ve already painted the trim around both doors in the hallway the same as the wall color. I’ll probably leave it and paint the casing white. For the basement door I’ll just paint the other side of the trim white. I am planning on painting the bathroom later on so I will prime the trim now and paint it later.

I’m hoping to finish this project before my parents come to visit before Easter! Not much time, but having a deadline always helps me work faster!