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Connor was whiny when I picked him up today. I didn’t figure it out right away but he had a strong case of the hungry horrors. The first clue might have been when he asked for crackers in the car, but he asks for crackers every time he gets in the car. Probably ’cause I always have them.

We went to the grocery store to get something for dinner. He picked out grapes, oranges, tomatoes, steak, peas, yogurt, orange juice, and bananas. He cried every time I put something in the cart instead of letting him have it. I chalked it up to just being whiny but I didn’t know the hungry horrors were involved.

Back in the car I gave him some grapes and a piece of string cheese and that held him over until we got home. He could hardly wait for dinner to get fixed and kept asking for everything. Finally we sat down and had steak, peas, tomatoes, and French fries. And orange juice.
About an hour later he was ready for some yogurt. He slurped it down so quickly he was practically flinging the yogurt toward his face. And then… “More?” Second yogurt:

And then “More?” I drew the line at a third yogurt. But later, more grapes, milk, and half of a cinnamon roll (taking bites from mommy’s, daddy’s, and nenay’s).

When he asked for cookies, I told him I didn’t have any.

“Make cookies?”

Not happening, kid. Unless you’re gonna do it yourself?

It’s a tough job keeping up with those hungry horrors.