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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Had a great morning at church – love seeing all the green! Lunch with Erin and Connor and a quiet afternoon watching The Bible from the History Channel. I’m really enjoying it so far. I know they can’t fit all the stories in, but I still keep saying “they skipped a lot!” It would be hard to pick which stories to do.

This evening, did some more work on my door project. Making progress now! Yesterday I primed the casings and trim. Today I set up the miter box and got to work on the trim. I did one side of one door, but now that I’ve got a system down, it will go quicker.

First, I measured how long I needed each piece by measuring the tape that I had put up as a template. I rounded it off to the nearest inch to make it easier.

Used the saw and miter box to cut the trim. Once I got going it cut pretty easily. I also lightly sanded the trim for later painting. I taped the pieces to the door to make sure they were straight and then used a little glue and tape to hold them in place.
Then used small nails to nail the pieces in place and took the tape off. Voila!