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The gym is having some work done. Painting or something, I don’t know because I can’t actually see it. There is a little patch of grass behind the building – specifically behind the wall of windows and bank of treadmills that face the windows – upon which is parked one of those lift-worker-people-way-up-high machine things. And each evening, after I finish work and hop on the treadmill (my workout of choice for the moment), one of those worker type guys is also finishing his work (whatever it is) on the lifter-upper, and spends about the same time as my workout cleaning up his work space (the patch of grass). This involves using a leaf blower to ineffectively blow the trash (and native leaves) towards the corner. What really happens is that the guy creates a mini-hurricane that blows all the leaves and trash just a-swirling, every which way, usually behind him so that it is all more spread out than when he started. At this point, he grabs a trash barrel and carries it around from piece of trash to piece of trash to pick it all up by hand. Sometimes he takes the leaves too, but not always. Finally, it’s time to secure the barrel into the platform of the machine. This involves the complicated process of putting it first in the middle, then moving it the left, then to the right, then left, back to the middle, and so on and so forth. Now he wanders the grass for a bit, tripping over loose bricks with his long, lanky legs, picking up stray bits of trash, or leaves, and rearranging the barrel again. Finally, he climbs onto the railing of the platform, inevitably slipping off the rail, to reach the big red button (presumably “off”). A few flicks of switches and levers on the tank part of the machine and the arm lifts the barrel up, up, up, and out of sight of the treadmills. He finishes his work day with a phone call, a cigarette, and a wait for a ride. It’s far more fascinating than CNN or ESPN.

Oh, here’s a gem from the gym:

Tune in tomorrow for… Snow! 😦