I decided to drop in for a group fitness class today. I haven’t taken Kickbox Cardio in a while. There was a new (to me) instructor, so I was curious how the class would be. Every instructor has a different style. I took this class with one instructor who basically did jumping jacks for an hour with a few punches and kicks thrown in. I hate jumping jacks. With a passion. I don’t know why, maybe repressed emotions from long ago gym classes or something.

Anyway, I wanted to see if this new instructor would be jumping jack crazy or not. Happy to say, only about 30 seconds of jumping jacks mixed in with lots of punching and kicking. It was a great, sweaty workout. I definitely felt like I’d worked hard and I will take the class again in the future.

Also, I’m still open to carrot cake recipe suggestions! Do you have a favorite? I’m looking especially for one that doesn’t depend on nuts or coconut.