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At about 2:30 this afternoon I received a last minute invite from a business colleague to a local tasting event/fundraiser. Did I have any other big plans? Nope! Did my co-worker want to join me? Yup!

What a fun, unexpected little adventure in the middle of a long week. Some of the highlights: spicy chili in a little potato “bowl”, fried mozzarella, chicken in a white wine lemon sauce, asparagus spring roll, cheddar tart, lime tartlet, and a smoothie.

But the best thing I ate was an incredible dessert: imagine a three layer cake – bottom layer of chocolate, middle layer of mango ice cream, and top layer of vanilla cake; paired with a few juicy berries and topped with a white and milk chocolate dome*. Over all this, the chef carefully and slowly poured a warm mixture of flavored liqueurs, including coconut and coffee. The warm liqueur melted the chocolate and mixed with the juice from the berries to make a sauce that coated the cake and ice cream. So good. So many complimentary flavors!

*Similar to this but used as a dome. The chef explained that he used this technique.