20130418-222411.jpgLately, I’ve been finding myself holding tight to the Scriptures. I mean figuratively and literally – I hold on tight to those pages as if it will bring me closer to my Lord who wrote them. I suppose it’s not unlike holding a letter from a loved one or a photograph of someone you miss. As I’m reading about David and Joshua and Ruth, I try to picture these people and the kind of lives they had. Where did they walk? What was the culture? What was on their minds as they closed their eyes each night? What did they hope for, dream about, worry about? Who did they love, miss, avoid? I want to know them because we have something in common – our God. They are my spiritual ancestors.

And then today I read Jenny Rough’s post about her trip to Israel and I can’t stop thinking about it. I love how she expressed it:

THIS is the greatest book ever written. Read it. Daily. Always.

I do read my Bible everyday. I never used to, until a few years ago when I bought myself a daily Bible, a chronological one. The first two years I would read faithfully for a few months, then forget about it for a while, and then read double entries to catch up. But the discipline paid off, and I have a good established habit of reading every night.

And I look forward to it, to those familiar passages and those stories that seem far away, but aren’t really. In a week like this with such tough news coming almost every day, and so much heartache and broken things and broken people in the world, it helps to realize that the story is not yet over. It’s still going and we’re part of a chapter that’s still being written.

And paradise has up and flown away for now.
But hope still breathes and truth is always true.
Just when you think it’s almost over,
Love has the final move.

Chris Rice