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I had some interesting adventures at work – most of which I can’t really talk about because it’s company confidential. I did meet a woman who had much in common with me and we spent some time chatting about quilting and Pinterest and spreadsheets. Only one of those was work related.

I’ve really had to depend on God just to get through each day with any joy. I have had to make a conscious effort to turn off the TV early, have quiet time before bed, get up early and have quiet time in the morning too. He is helping! I feel more prepared and more confident to handle the day. I can easily get overwhelmed by busy-ness and pressure and deadlines. And I tend to lean on myself until I’m heading down, down, down, grasping at anything to keep from crashing. But it’s always The Lord that holds me up. It’s not my strength, or my organization skills, or my problem solving. It’s not my family or my co-workers. It’s not an extra snack or a long nap. Those things can all be great help but without the Word and the Spirit, there’s no joy in my soul, no rest for my mind. So, I’m to remind myself (and you remind me, too!) to keep on leaning on Him, keep holding on tight to His word. This work stuff is getting busier and there is no end in sight. But I’ll face it as an adventure with Him!