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So, I just realized that my last two posts were titled “…at rest” and “…in finding rest”. Sensing a theme! I also realize in the light of day that what I was experiencing last night was a panic attack. Ugh. I am thankful that I don’t experience those on a regular basis. I was up so late because I was too scared to fall asleep. I knew it was irrational but could not shut it off. So here’s praying that tonight is literally restful!

Adventures! At the playground! We ran into a friend of mine who was there with her daughter for a birthday party. They offered Connor a cupcake. He gladly accepted.
He loves the swings. He loves to run on all the ramps. We also walked down to the pond to see the ducks. I said how many ducks are there? “One, two, three, four… Um. Many ducks!”

Also, he calls ponds puddles. Too cute! “I get in the puddle?”

I have so much to be thankful for and so many reasons not to be afraid. Praying for protection and peace tonight. May He bless the same to you and yours.