I was going to title this “Adventures in the Rain”, but honestly I stayed out of the rain today. I was so happy when it started raining today! Odd maybe, but I’ve a headache for two days and as soon as the rains came, it went away. It’s all that atmospheric pressure building up and then releasing (or something). Spring storms like this are quite interesting. The muggy heat, the build up of clouds and energy and pressure. The darkening skies. Then plunk, plink, plop – the big drops hit the ground, soon coming like a flying puddles and just as the rain starts to slow down a bit, the sun comes out and the dark clouds are lit from the west and you know there must be a rainbow somewhere for someone. And the cool, crisp breeze blows by and it’s suddenly easier to breathe. And the grass is greener with the sun reflecting off the raindrops. And the trees are breathing deep and waving their branches, shaking off the water like excited puppies. And then thankfulness to God for how wonderful nature can be and gratitude that this time, in this place, the winds were calmed before they turned destructive.

During the rain, I watched from my office window.


Psalms 68:9 (NLT) You sent abundant rain, O God, to refresh the weary land.