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What an adventure! I heard that the Boston Museum of Fine Arts was waiving the admission fee this weekend (still good through tomorrow, by the way) so I talked my sister into a girls day out. 20130526-224016.jpg
Apparently, we were not the only ones who decided to go, because the subway was packed! It took much longer than we anticipated to get to the museum, so we only had about an hour to look around. It was worth the trouble to get a free look around this amazing museum. 20130526-224316.jpg I could see losing a whole day inside if you had the time. It was quite crowded, though, so it wasn’t as easy to linger and read all the captions and learn about the art. Some rooms we just quickly walked through because we didn’t have time. But there some standouts from what we saw.

The New Blue and White exhibit featured modern and contemporary art using the traditional technique of blue and white porcelain, like this:20130526-225323.jpg
I also enjoyed the Art of the White Mountains collection, the jewelry and musical instruments collections, and the actually most of what we saw. It was really fun!