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Last minute call – oh please oh please we forgot to ask you earlier – and my plans for the evening became babysitting. No problem!

Fortunately, it was nothing like the movie.

Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues.

I was about nine when that movie came out and I think I probably didn’t see it until it was on TV but I loved it. I’m glad to say my adventures never went quite like that. Although come to think of it, I’ve had my share of bad neighborhoods, flat tires, and sketchy bus stations. But who hasn’t?

The only unfortunate happening tonight was when Connor scooped a big cup of water out of the tub and splashed me. My socks are still wet and the bathroom floor is clean. It was my own fault, really. Why did I let him play with a big cup in the tub? And why did I splash him with it? And how did I not see that coming?