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Wow, the thunder boomers last night brought the heat and the humidity into town! It’s hard to believe its been less than a week since we had the heat on for a night in the thirties and today it was in the nineties. Sixty degrees in six days. Wowza.

I’m not complaining though! Even when the humidity is uncomfortable, it’s still better than the long, dark, cold of winter.

(Helicopters are going by as I write this. I wonder what’s going on!)

I started working on the new curtains I got for my bedroom. They are very long, so I need to hem them and then I plan to line them with a bright turquoise fabric. 20130530-221759.jpg You can see how the color will show through the sheer pattern. I think it’ll be a nice way to add a contrasting color to the room. 20130530-221939.jpg A simple hem.

While they were hanging, I marked with pins where the length should be. Then I took them down and cut them about an inch longer than the pins. I carefully turned and pressed the edge twice and used a lot of pins to keep it all in place.

Next steps, cut and sew the backing!