New York, New York! We took a little trip into the big apple today, while the nephew stayed with his grandparents. Visited Hillsong Church for service this morning. It was really a great service, even though we got there a little late and had to stand in the upper balcony. And it was hot. I was starting to think I would have to leave because I was overheated, but then my brother-in-law found a spot in a corner directly under a vent and let me stand there. Oh how sweet that cool air was! I cooled off enough to really be able to enjoy the message.

Beyond going to service, we had absolutely no plans for the rest of the day so it was a bit of a meandering adventure.

We grabbed lunch at Dallas BBQ in the East Village. We tried Yelp! to find someplace to eat, but we ended up too hungry and too hangry to keep looking and decided to chance the place we are standing in front of. It ended up being pretty good! Great burgers and fries.

After that we decided to just start walking, headed toward Times Square. We ended up getting too overheated though and decided to go into the Strand bookstore to cool off and browse the store. What an amazing place! It’s a book lovers dream! It was hot and crowded though and I wished I could come again when I had the concentration and the time to really browse.

We decided to beat the heat and see a movie. Normally, we wouldn’t want to spend $15 a ticket to see a movie that wasn’t on our must-see list, but to sit in a sit in the air conditioning for two hours was completely worth it. Plus, it’s not often we get to the movies these days since we usually have a toddler with us. It was a nice treat.

We decided then to keep walking to Times Square and then take a cab back to the car park. That was the plan anyway, but we were getting pretty footsore by then. We stopped in Koreatown for some frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Delicious!

Walked a little farther and took a break in Bryant Park. That was fun! By then we were done with walking. But we were so close! We walked by Times Square and then headed back to the car, intending to hail a cab, but we just didn’t have the luck. Not being New Yorkers, we probably just didn’t know the tricks but anyway, we ended up walking all the way back.

Oh dear, are my feet sore! And I’ve got a bit of sun burn on the shoulders (should’ve worn sunblock), but it was fun!