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Well, it wasn’t really an adventurous visit to the doctor, but since its been three years, I guess it’s worth noting! Maybe I’ll remember how long it’s been before another three years go by.

I’m always a little nervous – it’s just a little weird to be wrapped up in a gown that doesn’t cover much, perched on a table that’s not a table but not a bed, waiting for the doctor to check every nook and cranny.

Got a shot (tetanus booster – cause you never know when you might be cleaning out a closet an end up in the emergency room) and a blood draw. The best part is when she declares, “Everything looks perrrrrfectly normal!” My brain interprets it as “I am perfect!” A good little boost to the ego. Haha

I’m also nursing some pretty gnarly blisters from our adventure in New York yesterday. Hobbling around today, so not much on the agenda – The Voice and the season finale of Revolution.