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Another road trip to visit Meemaw and Gimpy. 20130608-224409.jpg Lately, Connor insists that his snacks come in a bowl. You can imagine the state of my car after three hours of animal crackers, saltines, and gold fish being passed back and forth, tipped over, thrown, crumbled, and generally strewn about. I don’t think he even ate them. But it kept him busy, and it was a good thing since the pouring rain slowed us down a little and that last hour of driving was hard to bear. Erin climbed into the backseat to sit with him after he tried to persuade us to press the button (undo the buckle on his car seat) and let him sit up front. I was tempted to let him take over the driving, but he’s about 14 years shy of his drivers license.

Also, out of the blue, he said “Fe, fi, fo, fum! That’s what giants say!”

I have no idea where he learned that. And when we asked him who taught him that, he said, “The giant!” Apparently, Connor is having some adventures of his own.