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My nephew’s night time routine consists mostly of trying to come up with alternatives (We gonna play puzzles? We gonna play cars? I go downstairs? You read my books? I have strawberries in my bowl?) and then crying when we are not persuaded.

I stayed too late visiting tonight and on the way home I was planning exactly what I’d do when I walked in the door to make my routine as short as possible. It got me thinking – what are the things that you have to do before bed? I mean when you’re eyes won’t stay open and you’re ready to go to sleep, do you still do everything you normally do, or do you have an essential things only routine?

For me, the one thing I won’t skip is taking out my contacts. Secondly is probably changing my clothes, and that’s pretty close to the third, which is taking my medicine. Those three are probably about as minimal as I’d get. I’ll admit, I’ll skip brushing my teeth in extreme cases of tiredness, and other things, like blogging or reading can be skipped. I don’t often skip reading my Bible, though. Because if I skip a day, I’ll have to read two the next day and it throws me off.

What’s the one thing you have to do every night?