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Every other month a group from our church volunteers at a local Soup Kitchen. Tonight was our night. I wasn’t on cooking duty so I got to serve and help clean up. It’s always a fun time, hanging out with the other volunteers in the kitchen, and saying hello to all the folks who come in to share a meal.

I also found out that one of our church families has a new baby! As usual, we try to gather some meals to take to the family to help them out for a few weeks. I knew I had time tonight, so I went right to the store and picked up ingredients to make some freezer meals.

I decided to make Breakfast Biscuits. They freeze great and you can just heat them up in the microwave straight from the freezer. Good for breakfast, or any meal, or even as a snack.

I followed the recipe using scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and hash browns, and I added a little bit of finely chopped and sautéed vegetables (Swiss chard, spinach, onion, and red pepper). They can be a bit time consuming to put together, but it’s not hard and saves a lot of time on busy mornings! 20130614-224524.jpg I had a little bit of all the filling ingredients leftover so I turned into a quiche. But, then this happened: 20130614-225929.jpg Fail. Apparently there was a hole into foil pan. Ugh. Now I have oven cleaning adventures in my future.