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My sister planned a surprise day for me to celebrate my birthday next week. All she told me was that she’d pick me up at 7am and to wear comfortable shoes.

It’s so exciting to wonder about what we might do and where we might go!

First, we stopped for breakfast at Bob’s. Delicious! 20130615-225208.jpg Then we headed out on the highway, and I soon figured out we were headed to Boston. At the parking lot for the T, my parents arrived! I was surprised! We all headed in on the train to go the Museum of Science. They are hosting a special exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Let me tell you, if you get a chance to see this exhibit, do it. It was really moving. As someone who has studied the Bible, and reads the Bible, and is interested in all things Biblical, it was incredible to see all the artifacts that show what these people used and made and wrote about. Coins, jars, altars, sling-stones, arrow heads, mosaics, and more.

The scrolls, or more precisely, pieces of scrolls, were also really cool. The pieces are small and the writing even smaller and hard to read (never mind being in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek), but there are detailed translations and descriptions. There was one piece of the Psalms in which the word for God was written in different letters so we could pick them out on the actual scroll.

The presentation of the exhibit was so well done and really emphasized the incredible importance of the scrolls and the scriptures themselves and the history of the people and the land. I got a little misty a few times, I admit.

We also explored most of the rest of the museum. We didn’t have time to see it all, but what we did see was interesting and fun. 20130615-231357.jpg The museum closed at five, so we looked for somewhere close to eat and picked the Cheesecake Factory. We ordered Connor a kid’s plate of strawberries and they brought it with a big pile of whipped cream. He was in heaven! 20130615-231608.jpg It was a wonderful, perfect day and a great way to celebrate!