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The day took a turn this afternoon when I got a text from my mom saying that my dad was in the hospital for his heart. He is okay and he is home now. He’s been having some issues and has appointments lined up, but for it to be bad enough to leave work means it was bad. I’m thankful he is okay and I know the doctors will check everything out and get him fixed up. Still, it’s so hard to get that news and feel so helpless and far away and scared.

As soon as I got home, I got in bed to take a nap. I just couldn’t even think of anything else to do. I prayed, but then I knew I was going to just shut down and fall asleep (I am not a robot, despite that sentence), and as I lay there, I wondered about this coping mechanism and if it was even healthy. I decided it was okay because, one, I was home safe and alone – taking a nap would not keep me from any immediate or necessary responsibilities. Two, it felt like a way of letting go of the burden. If I could relax enough to fall asleep, it meant I had gotten to that safe place with God. Three, I knew I wasn’t tired enough to actually sleep for very long. It really was like a short power nap, or meditation session. Laying down, closing my eyes, shutting out the distractions, and releasing the stress was just what I needed. And after about twenty minutes, I got the text that everything was okay. And then I was okay, too.

Until a piece of chip from my taco salad got stuck in my throat. Ugh. I’m not sure taking a nap would help this problem.

Anybody else deal with things like this?