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I got the chance to skip out on work for a few hours today to watch Connor. Since his daycare lady was sick, I picked him and took him to the park. 20130620-221514.jpg He went down the “swide”. He is not afraid anymore! 20130620-221629.jpg He climbed this ladder thing by himself. When he saw the playground, he said “it’s my favorite!” He says that at every playground now. So cute. 20130620-221815.jpg He loved the see-saw. I was trying to go really slow and gentle to make sure he could hold on, but when I went just a little faster, he bumped up on the seat and he thought that was great. He laughed and then said “I’m laughing!”

I ended up having to take him back to work with me for a little while, but he was so good. He played quietly and didn’t make too much of a mess. He is very sweet! When my co-worker said “have fun with your auntie”, he said “that’s Nenay!”

It was a lovely day and I’m thankful that my work was flexible enough that I could take care of him today.