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I’m a Sci-fi fan. Especially of TV shows and books. I particularly enjoy space settings, time travel, and post-apocalyptic stories. I like stories about human beings that are in a completely different world. I like thinking about the things that make us human, no matter where we live or what the circumstances are – on earth or another planet, in a futuristic culture of conveniences and inventions or in a future that’s more like the past – how do we act and react? What’s important? How do we live?

I was catching up on two different shows with similar premises, but which have focused on different things. In Falling Skies, the aliens attacked, the earth is overrun, and we are in a war for survival. In Defiance, the aliens attacked, the earth is overrun, we fought a war, and now we are surviving as a new culture, with different species, climate, governments, etc. I like both shows.

Watched any good Sci-fi lately?