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With a couple family members out for the count with unmentionable type sickness, it was up to the rest of us to venture out and gather essentials, fortifications, vittles, and other necessary items.

Like the Mountain Men whose stories we watched on endless repeat throughout the evening hours, our adventure required planning, wits, and a little luck.

We ventured to one of the few places you can get everything you might need to get you through the long days of summer in the suburbs – Costco. To get there we traveled in a crossover vehicle – the large trunk provides enough room to carry everything we would gather and get it home.

The closest Costco is right in the middle of one of the busiest shopping areas in the region, and it’s Saturday, so the crowds would be even more of an obstacle than usual. To make matters worse, this Costco is under construction. The one way entrances and exits and reduced parking area make the trip a little more dangerous than usual. Pedestrians looking for their cars or looking for the entrance and confused motorists can make even a simple parking job harder.

Once inside, navigating is essential. It’s important to keep together and in constant communication about what we need to avoid backtracking, or worse, forgetting something.

Shopping is hard work, so we always make sure to take advantage of the free snacks set up to help weary adventurers. It makes it easier to keep on foraging when you have a bite of burrito, one chip, an ounce of juice, and a forkful of cheesecake.

Our trip was successful. We gathered and purchased all the essentials: Irish cheese, Tide, 19 bags of dried fruit, avocados, chicken, oatmeal, 20 pounds of potatoes, milk, and mango juice.

Now we can survive another day.