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This is Connor and Meemaw, relaxing before the pool adventure. They were probably watching Madagascar 2, which is on constant repeat when Connor is at my house. Thankfully, it’s actually a good movie, funny, and not annoying. I’ve watched it about 20 times now, and I’m still okay with it. 20130702-220210.jpg I did however find a copy of Up! in my DVD collection and he is loving it so far. Maybe we will be able to rotate in some options.
20130702-220629.jpg And here is Connor after our pool adventure, after we woke him up to eat dinner. He was worn out from all the fun. His grandfather, like most grandfathers probably would, figured he would teach him to go under the water by, you know, putting him under the water! Oh my, I almost had a heart attack. But of course, that grandfather had him right up again and giving him high fives and telling him how brave he was and all was okay. He was fine. He was proud of himself that he went under. He wore his towel home like a superhero cape. And then he conked out and went to sleep.

Oh the adventures we have when we are young and so much is new! Is it not still an adventure to go under the water and come out again? Shouldn’t we all wear our towels like superhero capes if we want?