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Where I grew up, the largest town in the county hosted the fireworks on the 4th of July and everyone in the county went to see them. That meant lots of traffic, sitting in parking lots, or on curbs, and straining to see those few bright sparklers through the trees. It was always fun to be with the family, to be up late, to hang out with friends; but the fireworks themselves were almost always disappointing.

Where we live now, however is a different story. Every town hosts their own show, and they all pick different nights during the week of the 4th, with the big city show on the actual 4th. What this means is that you could, with a little planning, see about 7 different firework shows in a week. Or, you can pick the one that is most convenient and see that one.

This year, we opted for latter. Tonight was the night and we all headed to my brother-in-law’s aunts house for a potluck before the fireworks. Connor had too much fun with all the attention from so many relatives. 20130703-230454.jpg He was so excited to see the fireworks. He kept saying it over and over and couldn’t wait to get there. But when it started, he thought they were a little too loud and a little too bright. At first he wanted to go home, but we all acted excited and he got used to it and sort of enjoyed it. 20130703-230657.jpg He had to hide his eyes during the finale. It was almost too bright for me too! These fireworks did not disappoint!