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Since we are just at the start of a heat wave with temps above 90, there is really not much on the agenda but lay around, go swimming, and eat ice cream. The air conditioning was working hard and barely succeeding today. The water in the pool was 88 degrees (I’ve had colder baths than that). And I did not want to cook.

So I decided to make ice cream. But I had two ideas. One, I did not want to turn on the stove to make a custard. Two, I really wanted to try making molasses cookie flavored ice cream.

Every winter, we make my grandmother’s famous molasses cookies. They are soft, aromatic, a little spicy, and so comforting. It’s a unique combination of flavors and for some time now I’ve thought they would make a great ice cream.

So I searched for a molasses ice cream to adapt and found this one. It’s made with brown sugar and molasses and doesn’t require a custard.

I added a little more molasses, a little coffee, and some cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. It definitely tasted like molasses cookies.

I couldn’t get a good picture, but just know that it satisfies a craving for both a winter cookie and a summer ice cream.