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I was on a mission to find a book full of plant illustrations for an idea I had for some artwork in the half-bath. I checked the catalog and came up with three different possible sections – art books about how to draw plants, general science type books, like encyclopedias, or how-to, hobby books on gardening. None of these had exactly what I was looking for. The illustrated guides were good, but most of what was on the shelf were focused on North American plants, or New England plants. I was looking for something more global.

I wandered from stack to stack, distracted by all the other categories of books. It’s amazing what you can find a book about.

I finally found just what I was looking for in the oversize book section. The book weighs a ton!

I also checked out a DVD – the final season of Chuck. I have watched the entire series through DVDs from the library and finally get to see the last season.

The library is one of my favorite places. It has so much to offer and it’s free! What’s your favorite thing about the library?