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It’s been a week since I re-injured my foot. I have felt discouraged today, even though I wouldn’t expect that it would be better today. I felt a little frustrated with the limping, the pain, the twitching. Then I noticed the title of yesterday’s post: Adventures in Encouragement. How sad to go from encouragement to discouragement in one day!

So, I’ll count my blessings. I can still walk (sort of). I don’t need crutches. I can drive. It doesn’t hurt constantly. I have more time since I’m not going to the gym. I have good reason to sit in my chair with my feet up for hours. Injuries heal. This is not forever. It’s better than it was a week ago. I’m not cold, wet, and hungry in the wilderness (I’ve been watching Bear Grylls).

Meanwhile, I’ll take some ibuprofen, wrap my foot, and try to sleep. How do you deal with an injury? Do you complain as much as I do?