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Connor was on a roll with his funny, cute sayings! During dinner, I said, “Connor, you’re the silliest pig!” which is a line from one of his books. That sparked him to start quoting one of his other books: 20130724-222103.jpg
“Mama read to her child and said I love you. But I had a question. What if I were a super smelly skunk and I smelled so bad my name was stinky face? I’d make you mountain of hamburgers to eat. Bon appetit! Yay! Yay mommy!” He started clapping, looked at his hands, folded them and started praying. “Thank you for the food and for the (unintelligible) day and for the (unintelligible) amen”.

After dinner I gave him a muffin that I’d brought from work. I asked him what it was. “A moo muffin. My favorite!”